We push the bar higher — and then higher again

Perfectionism is our competitive edge and processes our North Star. Guided by our credo ‘Work smarter, not harder’, we’ve developed sharply-defined, repeatable processes for every aspect of operations —onboarding new properties, welcoming new residents, responding to maintenance requests— that allow us to deliver excellence time and time again.

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At Rushmore, we are


We’re not happy with the status quo. We study the market and design trends, then push them further, developing something more, greater, different — and uniquely ours.


There’s  no such thing as perfect - but we get as close to it as we possibly can. Because it’s all the little elements that add up to create a beautiful big picture. 


It’s easy to get bogged down by the details. With a finger on the pulse and an eye on macro we keep ourselves in check - and our operations moving in the right direction.


Honesty and transparency are the cornerstones of trust. And, at the end of the day, the trust we build is all that matters.

How it works

The people + processes behind the properties

We’ve carefully developed a multi-layered structure to manage the constant flow of crucial information and ensure productive and adequate support for the various facets of property management.

Seamless communication and up-to-the minute displays of daily performance keep our professionally trained on-site staff and their assigned regional and corporate field managers on top of each property's developments and intricacies.

From our building design and renovation teams to our implementation of proprietary technology and software throughout the nexus of our operation, we work cohesively and methodically to keep every inch of every property accounted for and managed effectively.

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Before. After. The Transformation

Fairfax Laundry Room
Fairfax Lobby
Park Terrace Apartment
Pelham Mailroom
Raquet  Club Apartment
West river Lobby
WestMinster Lobby
The Woods Clubhouse

Changing the way people live, one property at a time.